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BAGS ~ Survive 7in. (Dangerhouse 1978)
Rare double-stickered, error-label variant! Small spot of marker on the "Babylonian Gorgon" side label. Vinyl has some cosmetic wear but plays beautifully.

Condition: M-/VG

Price: $595.00
BEATSTERS ~ Merseybeat 7in. (Cavern 1982)
Indiana powerpop/merseybeat that rarely surfaces, complete w/ oversized sleeve. Vinyl has some heat damage along lip which swooshes before music starts.

Condition: VG/VG

Price: $395.00
BLASÉS ~ All Night Long 7in. (THB 1982)
Rare NJ powerpop! Have a listen to the A-side on YouTube.

Condition: EX/VG+

Price: $195.00
BRAD WHITING & BORROWED FLESH ~ All Night EP (Lark Beat 1981)
Rare upstate NY punk wave.

Condition: EX/M-

Price: $295.00
CASUAL CARRIERS ~ Think of Me 7in. (Casual Tones 1981)
Catchy, garagey Baltimore pop with the B-side "(Not Doing It For) You" being my preferred side. Includes original unconstructed PS with a soft horizontal crease. Wax has a hint of storage warping but is otherwise like new.

Condition: EX/EX
Price: $40.00
CONTROLLERS ~ Slow Boy EP (Siamese 1979)
Second 7in. from these early LA punk legends. Super clean!

Condition: EX/M-
Price: $60.00
CYANAMID ~ Stop The World EP (Mutha 1984)
One of those record where it's absolutely clearly the band doesn't care whether you like them or not. A delightful mess in the Flipper vein of things. Some copies include insert... this one does not.

Condition: EX/VG+

Price: $250.00
DAZE ~ I Wanna Be A Star 7in. (Motor City Rhythm 1979)
Stock copy of UK wantlist staple, recently reissued, some light foxing on label.

Condition: */EX

Price: $495.00
DINOSAURS ~ It Might Be Rose 7in. (1979)
Rare 70s St. Louis proto-punk, complete with sleeve and insert. Signed by drummer on B-side label.

Condition: EX/VG+

Price: $495.00
FIVE ~ Act of Contrition EP
The second installment from this Pittsburgh art-punk outfit. The nice-n-noisy "Death Chord" was featured on Bloodstains Across The Midwest. Numbered 374 of 500. Super clean (my spin was likely its first). Tiny bit of storage warping but plays beautifully.

Condition: EX/EX

Price: $295.00
FRENETICS ~ 4-song EP (VVV 1982)
Loner wave swan song for Dallas' legendary VVV label. Vinyl hascosmetic wear and minor storage warping that doesn't affect sound. A solid player copy. Never issued in PS.

Condition: */VG
Price: $40.00
FUSE ~ Writing On The Wall EP (All Night 1979)
Excellent Canadian mod/powerpop on side 1. Buzzkill ballad on side 2.

Condition: VG+/EX

Price: $295.00
GENERICS ~ The Bitt 7in. (Barnhills 1983)
West Virginia's answer to the Scarecrows! An incredible two-sider, wholly unknown until 2019. Confirmed 200 copies pressed by an ambitious 14-year-old in '83. Mercifully for your wallet, I've got a few to sell which means the price stays tame... for now. Guaranteed to be the best KBD bang for the buck you're gonna get anytime soon!
Condition: */EX

Price: $195.00
This one's an absolute earworm, an unlikely candidate for a record I really dig. Vinyl has some storage warping and some wear from being shuffled around but plays great.

Condition: EX/VG+
Price: $75.00
JIMMY TRUE ~ Cheap Fun 7in. (True 1980)
Very rare San Diego powerpop from Radioactive Records' honcho, and just like its cohort, a handful of one-off pic sleeves are known. This one is sleeveless.

Condition: */VG+

Price: $350.00
MIDDLE CLASS ~ Out of Vogue EP (Joke 1978)
The hardcore classic you know and love. Rarer yellow label version. Labels have the typical discoloration ("scorching" during the pressing process), almost certainly the reason for the switch to silver labels.

Condition: EX/VG+

Price: $395.00
MISFITS ~ Earth AD / Wolfsblood LP (Plan 9 Records 1983)
Smoky marbled brown/black marbled wax! Another great looking EAD variant!

Condition: EX/VG+
Price: $1995.00
MISFITS ~ Legacy of Brutality LP (Plan 9 Records 1986)
Red vinyl with a faint pink streak, off to the left of the A-side label. Red vinyl, 500 made. "Colored Vinyl" sticker signed by Glenn Danzig. Jacket has seam splitting at top and left side along with a sticker pull on the lamination below the sticker. B-side label has a small tear near the spindle hole, almost certainly a manufacturing defect.

Condition: VG/EX
Price: $2995.00
NCM ~ Ultimate Orgasm 10in. ACETATE (VVV 1981)
One-of-a-kind acetate for the 1981 second pressing. Note "Twist The Blade" is listed as the A-side! Nice condition with excellent sound.

Condition: */EX

Price: $395.00
NO MORE BLOODY DESTRUCTION ~ No Reason EP (Crisis Point 1984)
Rare UK peace punk / hardcore EP ripe for the ACAB era. Super clean original with hand-stamped labels and insert.

Condition: M-/M-

Price: $495.00
PANICS ~ Little Red Book b/w Kill It 7in. (Superdisc 1979)
Debut 45 from this Fort Myers, Florida outfit that includes a totally incredible B-side. "Little Red Book" has some scuffing, "Kill It" is minty.

Condition: VG+/VG+

Price: $395.00
PRODUCERS ~ You Won't Let Me In 7in. (Zabeba 1980)
NOLA powerpop rarity with tidy example of the fragile stamped sleeve.

Condition: [EX]/EX

Price: $495.00
TOKYO NEW WAVE '79 compilation LP (Victor 1979)
Super clean copy of this excellent early Japanese comp. The best track is saved for last! Missing OBI but includes insert.

Condition: EX/M-
Price: $95.00
TRENDSETTERS ~ Set The Trend EP (Mystic Oak 1981)
Rare Pennsylvania powerpop! Signed by the band on front PS.

Condition: VG/VG

Price: $195.00
VENDETTA ~ Modern Rockers 7in. (Starlite 1978)
Barely seen Canadian punk-n-roll winner, recently reissued on flexi-disc to little fanfare outside its homeland.

Condition: VG+/VG+

Price: $795.00

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