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Excellent August 1981 flier for this SF show at On Broadway. Original photocopy process folded three times but stored flat.
Price: $60.00
TOUCH & GO fanzine #10 COVER
Two-color offset litho cover from the January 1981 issue of Touch & Go fanzine featuring Jello squeezing out another masterpiece. Tackholes in all four corners and heavy toning on half the page, though only visible on back. Cover only, not a complete fanzine.
Price: $75.00
TOUCH & GO fanzine #11 COVER
Two-color offset litho cover from the March 1981 issue of Touch & Go fanzine. Tackholes in all four corners and a highly suspicious push-type tear through Penelope midsection. Cover only, not a complete fanzine.
Price: $75.00
TOUCH & GO fanzine letter
Early 1983 letter from Tesco Vee to Mark "The Mutha" Chesley with details about the upcoming Touch & Go issue (#21) and a reassurance that the Worst EP will get reviewed. On the back of John Kezdy (Effigies) pic.
Price: $75.00
TOXIC SHOCK w/ Butthole Surfers at Omni
Original offset litho March 1982 with Austin's legendary Toxic Shock playing in Houston with San Antonio's finest!
Price: $40.00
TSOL w/ China White, Red Cross, Symbol Six, Descendents at Bard's Apollo
Hellacious line-up for the Bard's Apollo re-opening in August 1981. Folded multiple times but stored flat. Offset litho on ledger size 11" x 17" stock.
Price: $45.00
TSOL w/ Social Distortion, Redd Kross, Los Olvidados, Toxic Reasons at S.I.R.
Original offset litho flier for the show that resulted in the "Sunset Riots" of January 1983. Pinhole in center and some tack remnants in corners. Essential!
Price: $30.00
TSOL w/ Toxic Reasons, Fastbacks at Keystone
Killer three-fer in Berkeley in January 1984. Note to Bay Area DJ "Blitzkrieg Bob" on the back (see pic) from someone in the Fastbacks camp.
Price: $45.00
TUXEDOMOON w/ Minimal Man at Victoria Theatre
Scarce band-made (presumably Patrick Miller) flier for this February 1981. Original photocopy process on yellow stock. Back has an address and some accounting done in ballpoint pen.
Price: $195.00
TUXEDOMOON w/ Minimal Man, DNA at Gary Taylor's Rock Room
Offset litho, legal size (8" x 14") flier for a trip to Vancouver in August 1980 (best guess on the year) when they bands were all based elsewhere (ha!). Light rumpling but overall in nice shape.
Price: $95.00
TUXEDOMOON w/ Noh Mercy, Pink Section at Deaf Club
An insane original offset litho flier for an insane Deaf Club line-up, February 1979!
Price: $95.00
TUXEDOMOON w/ Pink Section, Minimal Man at Viking Hall
December 1979 odd-sized 10" x 16" flier for three dates up in the Northwest (Vancouver, Seattle, Eugene). Tape in all four corners and folded three times but stored flat.
Price: $95.00
TV (VIDEO) PARTY at 621 Bainbridge
BYO benefit with videos of Black Flag, TSOL, Dead Kennedys, ABs, Bad Brains from November 1983 (I think). Original photocopy process.
Price: $45.00
UK SUBS w/ Exploited, Agression, DI, Doggy Style at Olympic Auditorium
Another giganto show at the Olympic with this May 1984 one including a "Best Mohawk" and "Mohawk Couple" contest. Folded twice with a little staining.
Price: $20.00
ULTRA VIOLENCE w/ Virus, Krieg Kopf at Squeeze
Quarter-page size (4" x 5") flier for a 1985 NYHC matinee. Original photocopy process.
Price: $30.00
ULTRAVOX at Hot Club
Ultravox's first stop in Philly, February 1979! Original offset litho on legal size (8" x 14") stock. Excellent condition!
Price: $75.00
UNNATURAL AXE w/ Brain Damage, Count Viglione
Original September 1978 photocopy process flier on legal size (8" x 14") stock. Folded once.
Price: $75.00
Original offset litho, ledger size 11" x 17" flier for this legendary 1980 KPFK punk rock radio show. Dig the guest list: Geza X, Gears, KAOS, etc. Original art by none other than Gary Panter! Tip-top condition.
Price: $75.00
UXA at A7
Half-size (5 x 8) for UXA playing all the way on the other coast. Original photocopy process.
Price: $40.00
UXA w/ Attack at A7
Original offset litho flier for a May 1981 East-Coast-meets-West-Coast meet-up.
Price: $60.00
UXA w/ MX-80 Sound, Jars at Cloyne Ct.
Awesome 17" x 11" ledger size flier for this May 1979 show in Berkeley. Some toning to edges but overall in nice shape!
Price: $95.00
VANDALS w/ GI, Void, Tales of Terror at Wilson Center
Original photocopy process flier for this September 1984 at that DC punk pantheon, Wilson Center. They call it suburbia...
Price: $75.00
VELVET MONKEYS w/ RJ8, Chalked Circle at DC Space
Original photocopy process flier for a DC Space show in February 1982. Folded twice, stored flat, with a few tackholes
Price: $60.00
VEX calendar ~ February/March 1981
February/March 1981 calendar for the legendary Vex Club. Dig the line-ups! Excellent condition.
Price: $60.00
VIRUS w/ Bad Posture, Ultraviolence at 8BC
November 1983 flier with handwritten date at lower right. folded once but stored flat. Original photocopy process.
Price: $95.00
VKTMS at the I-Beam
Original March 1981 photocopy process featuring the picture sleeve artwork from "100% White Girl" and an I-Beam flier from the previous month.
Price: $40.00
VKTMS w/ Red Rockers at Dreamland
August 1981 one-two punch at this short-lived SF venue. Original offset litho on light pink stock.
Price: $45.00
VKTMS w/ Social Unrest. Alienation at S&M Lounge
A sublime venue choice for this February 1981 SF showcase. Original offset litho with only minor creasing.
Price: $60.00
VKTMS w/ Xmas Eve at Mabuhay
Half-size (5 x 8)original offset litho flier from October 1981 (I think).
Price: $30.00
VOID w/ DRI, Michael Enkrumah & The Israelites, Body Count, Dove, Media Disease at Wilson Center
Zero Hour Thrash fest at Wilson Center, July 1983. Original photocopy process, folded three times, stored flat.
Price: $95.00
VOID w/ Faith, Informed Sources, The Left at Enola VFW
Skank Magazine presents! Original offset litho flier from June 1983. Folded twice, stored flat with some light creasing.
Price: $95.00
VOID w/ Outrage, Michael Enkrumah & The Israelites, Underground Soldier, Lionhearts at Lansburghs
Hardcore Reggae Go Go in August 1983. Original photocopy process in nice shape!
Price: $95.00
VOM ~ Live At Surf City EP full-color 1978 promo flier
Eye popping full-color 1978 original promo flier for Vom's "Live At Surf City" EP. In a class of its own!
Price: $25.00
VOODOO CHURCH at Greenmeadows Art Center
December 1981 original offset litho flier for this "black ritual" in Thousand Oaks! Folded three times and toning/chipping to the left side.
Price: $40.00
A November 1981 stop up north in Seattle. Torn corners and moderate general wear.
Price: $45.00
WALL OF VOODOO w/ X at Hong Kong Cafe
Original photocopy process, half-size (5 x 8) for an early WoV show at the Hong Kong. Both upper corners torn.
Price: $75.00
Perhaps my favorite Bookies flier and a scarce one, too! Original offset litho 11" x 17" flier for this September 1979 gig in Detroit.
Price: $195.00
New York punk history! Unfolded, uncirculated program for the Wayne County Defense Fund show featuring Suicide, Cherry Vanilla, Blondie, NY Dolls and so on. See second pic! In a well-documented, infamous episode, our hero Wayne smashed Handsome Dick Manitoba following some homophobic jeering. A broken collar bone and lawsuit followed. Original offset litho from May 1976.
Price: $150.00
WEIRDOS at Mabuhay Gardens
Original offset litho flier for trip north by the Weirdos in their hey-day, January 1978. Excellent condition!
Price: $95.00
WEIRDOS at the Whisky
Original offset litho flier for this April 1981 gig with previous owner name written on back. Another fine Weirdos design!
Price: $75.00
WEIRDOS w/ Mad Society, Sex Sick at the Whisky
Circa February 1981 original offset flier for a three-fer at zee Whisky. Original owner name written on back.
Price: $40.00
WEIRDOS w/ Readymades at Brick Works
That's right... Stockton. Two separate September 1978 gigs at a place called Brick Works. Quality punk graphics featuring Trudie and other LA gal faves (sorry, Rodney)! Folded once, stored flat, light staining. Original offset litho on 11" x 17" stock.
Price: $45.00
WEIRDOS w/ Rubber City Rebels, Girls at Rock Corporation
Interesting line-up down in the Valley for this October 1978 show. Offset litho on 11" x 17" stock. Excellent condition!
Price: $95.00
WHITE CROSS w/ Heart Attack, Wasted Talent, Ruin, Final Conflect at the Wet Spot
Original offset litho flier for a March 1983 BYO fest in Philly. Light creasing.
Price: $75.00
WHITE CROSS w/ Kremlin Korps, Fatal Existence, Sudden Impact at C.E. Center
Original photocopy process flier from this March 1984 Philly benefit gig for the Vancouver 5.
Price: $45.00
WILMA w/ Animal Things, Toiling Midgets, Translator at Sound of Music
Original offset litho flier for an eclectic July 1981 line-up in SF.
Price: $45.00
WiN RECORDS showcase w/ Half Church, Roomates, Quiet Room, A Happy Death at Keystone SET
Original offset litho flier for a December 1981 show at Berkeley's Keystone plus promo fliers for each band that played. Six fliers in all! This set came from the collection of early Bay Area punk DJ "Blitzkrieg Bob". Each of the additional fliers are original photocopy process on thin, legal size (8" x 14") stock, all presumably issued by the WiN Records label with the exception of one amazing letter-size color copy process Quiet Room flier. A beautifully goth time capsule!
Price: $195.00
X w/ Cramps, Blasters at California Hall
Original photocopy process flier for a hellacious April 1981 line-up in San Francisco!
Price: $95.00
X w/ Flesh Eaters at Rock Corporation
Half-size (5 x 8) original photocopy process for a one-two punch down in the valley! Almost certainly a Chris D design. Folded twice but stored flat.
Price: $95.00
XCENTRIC NOISE promo / insert
A4-sized (~8.25" x 11 3/4") original offset promo flier that was included as an insert to the Raw War (World of Punk compilation cassette in 1983. Folded twice but stored flat. From Mark "The Mutha" Chesley's collection!
Price: $50.00
YOUR FOOD w/ Nuclear Crayons, Hate From Ignorance, Manray, Bloody Manikin Orchestra at Oscar's Eye
Original photocopy process flier from August 1983 for another Zero Summer production! Folded three times, stored flat.
Price: $60.00
YOUTH IN ASIA Pulling Out The Plug promo flier
Original photocopy process flier from the collection of Mark "The Mutha" Chesley, this one from June 1983.
Price: $40.00
YOUTH MOVEMENT '83 at Devonshire Downs
Half-size flier for a two February 1983 dates with Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Youth Brigade, Exploited, CH3, Vandals, Agression and Suicidal Tendencies. Original offset litho, stained and a bit thrashed. Bonus pencil-art practice on back. See pic!
Price: $20.00
ZEROS w/ Clones, Last, Johnny Novotny at Larchmont Hall
Original offset litho, half-size (5 x 8) flier for this May 1978 LA show at the legendary Larchmont Hall. Light creasing but overall in nice shape.
Price: $40.00
ZEROS w/ Dils, Hitmakers at Adams Avenue Theater
The Zeros' first San Diego performance in October 1977 and the city's first punk showcase according to many a local. Dils jumped on the bill after the flier was printed. Check out this fantastic TV footage where the show is mentioned. Original offset litho in blue ink. Folded three times but stored flat. Historic!
Price: $195.00
ZEROS w/ X at Testing Grounds
September 1979 offset litho flier for a quality SF line-up. An additional date has been trimmed off the bottom of the flier (~1"), presumably because the other show was canceled.
Price: $75.00
ZIPPERS w/ Weirdos, Prophet at Under The Pier
Super early Weirdos show in Redondo Beach in June 1977! Original offset litho in excellent condition.
Price: $95.00
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