October 1, 2017

Of the many amazing items I've handled over years, few -- if any -- have approached this mindblowing level: Glenn Danzig's hand-painted gloves marking the end of the Misfits era and the beginning of the Samhain era. While their importance to Danzig's legacy is significant, their importance as an artifact of Austin punk history goes even deeper. Gifted by Glenn in person to the original owner (a musician and artist you will certainly recognize) on September 23, 1984. Guaranteed authentic. Full history and signed provenance statement will be provided to the winning bidder. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The set will be sold via private auction with an opening bid of $10,000. Bid increments are $500. Earlier bids take precedence over later ones of the same amount. The auction ends when the second highest bidder declines another bid or 24 hours have elapsed since the last bid. Please include your contact phone number when submitting a bid. I will post bidding updates to this page as they happen. FedEx shipping with insurance will be added to the final bid. A signed, dated letter of provenance will be included with the gloves. I'm happy to accept payment installments so long as an arrangement is reached prior to the auction's end. Bidder identities will be kept confidential.

Bids and inquiries to:

Ryan Richardson
PO Box 9175
Austin, TX 78766

FINAL BID: $10,000

Auction ended at 1pm CST, October 8th. 2017.

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